Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want

Genre: Rock
Released: Oct 2018
Reviewed by: Benedict Roff-Marsh

The Band  & Album names alone got me to try this. Initially I wasn’t so sure on the cover, but on closer inspection it is a very interesting painting. But we’re not here about painting. We wanna Rock!

OMG, this takes me back. Back to when Rock acts were pushing themselves and their audiences into new and uncomfortable areas. This record does that from the get go. Last week’s record Colin Self “Siblings” was Avant Garde in it’s oddness, this is that Post Punk explosion of passion barely captured on tape thing that we haven’t heard for 30+ years.

Daughters, the band, have been around for a while and been backed by a progression of little labels. They have managers & booking agents. They have a decent following. That might put them on the edge of the Unigon Plane remit but their music doesn’t.

I haven’t heard of Daughters but that doesn’t surprise me. I have heard of them now and they deserve to be heard.

I didn’t much love the lead track “City Song” first time round – a bit too safe despite the odd noises and pinned meters. I would have put it further down the running order. But from there on it is all amazing work. They strip back the layers of the typical modern, perfected, Digital Audio Workstation recording to give us something that is a recording but more. More live, more human, more challenging.

This record is frightening. Not because it sounds like Grinding Satanic Death Metal but because it is actually rather simple Rock in comparison. The scarifying power comes from the the use of the standard elements in very human ways. It is the very openness & humanity of the singer and the performance that makes it so powerful. The very same things that made Nick Cave so powerful.

If this doesn’t exhilarate & terrify you at the same time you aren’t listening to it right. My only complaint is that at times the vocals seem just a bit too buried.

I hear the screaming rawness, backed by intelligence, that I haven’t really heard in Rock since the late 70’s & early 80’s. This record doesn’t sound Retro in any way. It is timeless.

Here are few similar timeless records:

Modern English “Mesh & Lace” was before their radio hit “Melt With You” and is similarly stripped bare emotion over uncompromising structures. Bauhaus “The Sky Went Out”, well Bauhaus anything really is just obvious. I bet the boys own a record or two. Pay Dead “Resurrection” is a Best Of with remixes. A more structured verse-chorus record but still has that raw emotional power that scratches at you.

This is the beginnings of Rock standing back up again as a living, breathing, screaming, beast. I may not love every moment of it but I love that it is happening. I’m putting this down as a must-have record.



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