This page gives a list of works that we have processed for release. It provides a simple resume of sorts (with the wider Unigon Plane Reviews being our real resume). This page also makes for a simple inbound link for music & books published through our services to help a bit with being found by search engines

Unmade Movies Cover 01.pngBenedict Roff-Marsh – Unmade Movies – is an imagining of what themes for movies and TV shows may sound like. If those things existed. Making movies is a big process, and getting to score them even harder. So the next best thing is to imagine it into existence. Deliberately the sound is uniquely Benedict (not Hans Zimmer).

Bandcamp: Unmade Movies

Space Case Cover 2Benedict Roff-Marsh – Space Case – is both a music album and a collection of software Instruments & Effects in VST format. The music and instruments both give a big nod to early synths as we were using them in the early to mid-80’s (and even when I arrived on the scene in the late 80’s). The devices are simple but with some care (and external modulation) wonderful textures can be achieved.

Website: Space Case

a4059111281_16Destructor Creator Destructor – Run From The Sun is a Heavy Metal album with a big difference – all the instruments are pure synthesis. Compositionally elements of Metal & Prog Rock abound in this sonic journey across our Solar System from Mercury to Pluto. It is a very human record that steps across many (artificial) boundaries.

Bandcamp: Run From The Sun