Tutorials & Services


Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s we heard & read just about everything at least once. We aren’t looking at the past but we know that tossing out history has its severe pitfalls. The past can help you see what is universal, what works & what doesn’t.

Let us help you to make a better album or book from our experience. There is a lot of deeper stuff on making music (and art in general) on Benedict’s site but here we will focus on the simple and direct things that you need to do to get your book or record in the light of day (or night if you are a Doom Metal Vampire sort) ready for buyers.


Tutorials are great and sometimes they are all you need to get yourself on track. At other times though you really can benefit from the direct advice or support of having someone who has done it before help you.

What we currently offer is:

  • Opinion & Advice on how your project is going, what is good and what can be improved.
  • Publish Your Album or Book get your project published online to Bandcamp or Smashwords by having us do the work for you.

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