Opinion & Advice

Steven King, J.K. Rowling, David Bowie, Metallica… all used Editors, Producers & other Advisors to help make sure their work was going where they wanted it to. Not doing so can be ok or it can see you fall into every hole.

We are happy to look at your work so far and give an opinion on:

  1. How your project comes across overall
  2. Good points
  3. Problems that can be addressed
  4. Suggested pathways to improvement (or the next step)
  5. One round of follow up

You may choose Benedict or Jane as your Advisor but generally: Benedict is the Music guy & Jane the Book girl. Commonly we are likely to check with each other anyway.

Pricing is $50 via PayPal and everything will be handled by email (in English).

Please use the Contact form with your request noting what sort of project, where you are at, any difficulties you face and who you are requesting as your Advisor. We will then be in contact with you to make arrangements.

Don’t feel you have to be reviewed by us or even seeking review to take up this Advisor service; we know there is a wide world out there.